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I can't/don't want to use VOIP - the quality is not good

My PC's have analog phone lines attached to them. Please don't reccomend VOIP.

We are making 50,000 outbound calls a month where people have to physically dial a number. Each dialer first dials into a 800 number to ensure DNC compliance. Then through a series of #numbers can make calles and record results of calls. I need to be able to do the following

1. DONE Using MS Access & Auto Dialer on XP - Initiate a call to the 800#.
2. PROBLEM 1 - Once the 800 number picks up, send a new number to dial thru the modem programatically. Can figure this one out.
3. PROBLEM 2 - Use the computer and MS Access to send a #number, example #1, #2, #3, through the modem to record status on the 800 number connection
4. DONE - The 800 number connection prompts for the next call
5. PROBLEM 1 AGAIN - Send a new number to dial thru the modem programatically
6. PROBLEM 3 - Use a headset connected to the computer as the phone reciever

Essentially the computer is the phone and MS Access is sending phone numbers and #numbers throught he modem, so the user just has to talk and click buttons.

All help is appreciated. Note VOIP is not an option. There are lots of smart people out there so I'm sure this can be achieved.


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