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I've been cleaning out some of the old but not dead links on my site and here's a sample of what I found.

You know the page is out of date when it:

begins with "If you have Netscape 1.1, and most of you do,"

contains a download link for the Win3.1 version of anything

warns that IE 3.02 has only partial support for CSS

refers to AolPress as "one of the best free web page editors out there"

describes Netscape 4.x as "cutting edge"

refers to Mosaic in the present tense

tells you not to assume "everyone has a Pentium 100"

contains a "new essay on html 3.0"

thinks java applets are the greatest things since sliced bread

explains how to use the "Single Pixel Clear GIF" trick to build "killer websites"

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Post 3+ Months Ago

Haha, that is hiliarous. I remember way back when I had a 33mhz computer. One of my friends went and got a 75 mhz computer and I was freaking out. Then, later while I still had the 33mhz computer another friend got a 150 mhz computer and I just couldn't believe it was possible to go so fast! Now today 150 mhz is pathetic.
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Post 3+ Months Ago

I remember when my family went from a 286 to a 486....woooo that _was_ fast :-P

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