Outsourcing - Is it beneficial to Buyer or Provider?

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There are so many freelancing companies around and so many freelancers are available on-line. While outsourcing of resources brings enormous cost reduction to the Project Buyer whereas the Project Provider is also benefitted as they need not have to move from their home to make money. But on a continuous basis can the project provider get work 365 days a year? There is a big competition going on out there and one providers outsmarts another provider by bidding considerably less and gets the job. On an average a Project Provider can able to get only a few projects in a year and this can cause frustration.

For example, I am a Virtual Assistant and run a small website and have a bunch of friends who do data-entry and data processing along with me. I can able to get more projects out of my own website than from registering with freelance site like GetAFreelancer.com or Elance.com or Peopleperhour.com or any other freelancing sites. Till now I haven't got a single project by registering with these freelance sites!

I think, there may be some special technique to become a successful bidder and I may be lacking something due to which I am not being selected by the Buyers. I wanted to improve on it and should there be anybody who can advise me on it through this forum, I will only be ready to learn.
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There are a lot of people trying to do the same thing and there aren't enough jobs to go around. That's the first problem.

I looked at your web site and I see you are charging an hourly rate. Are you asking for an hourly rate when bidding on a job? The rate is fair but it's not giving people an total amount. I do other work besides fix PCs and I always try to give a flat rate. The customers like to know what their bill is going to be ahead of time. I would never agree to pay someone an hourly rate if I can't be there to watch the job. I have even made lawyers give me a flat rate.

I heard a story where the contractor charged 35 cents for a transistor and $2,000 labor. The client went to his office with the bill, yelling at him, saying you can't charge someone 35 cents for parts and $2,000 for labor. The contractor told him, the transistor costs 35 cents but it's $2,000 to know which transistor.

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