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Post 3+ Months Ago

Written by: UNFLUX:
Well, people seem to thnk that OZZU is here for their entertainment.
Useless threads and posts like this need to stop, or Participation Points
and Post Counts will be disabled in General forum.

If you have something to add to a thread, add it. Otherwise keep the
chatting to IM, MSN, etc. OZZU is not here for you all to chat. Yes, a fun
thread here or there is fine, but lately this has gotten out of hand and it
needs to stop. We all like to have fun and be silly sometimes, but OZZU
is here to provide a professional atmosphere, so let's try to keep the
unnecessary banter to a minimum.

Any threads similar to this one will be removed, and as I said,
Participation Points and Post Counts will be disabled in the General


Written by Socno

Then it is no need to have Participation Points and Post Counts in this forum.. General chat is the only forum wich has alot of users active.. The others forum gets a post now and then. You will loose activity by removing it.
What is the use of a forum wich is called general chat, when you are not allowed to talk general. It is not possible to stay professional when writing about how nice the weather is. It is only possible to behave.
I belive you are making a big mistake removing Participation Points and Post Counts from general chat.. In fact ill think I will add a vote on it..(Look above on this thread).[/quote]
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Post 3+ Months Ago

First of all the topic is LOCKED FOR A REASON.

Do not go repost it and start the thread again. If you are here purely to get participation points and purely to have a high post count leave. It is THAT simple.
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Post 3+ Months Ago

Posting over and over again "Hi, How are you" in a new thread is not
what this forum is for. It is for fun and to give everyone a place to simply
be themselves, off topic from the forum. However, it does not mean you
can sit in here and post just to post. I'm sorry if you don't understand

OZZU has plenty of traffic and has grown just fine without these types of
posts, and it will continue in that fashion I assure you. The well being of
the forum is in good hands, you can count on that. And it is our job to
maintain that focus. These types of posts and threads are not in that

It is a free internet, but OZZU is not a free reign. It is not a democracy,
and you just can't do what you will here. If you don't like the rules and
regulations we have in place, you are free to leave, or simply not

It is not your forum nor your bandwidth and server resources being
taken up with useless posts, so please respect the owners and
moderator's time and efforts to keep OZZU going in a positive direction.

I am removing the poll and locking this topic because it is not up to a
vote nor is it up for discussion. If you have a problem with how the forum
is being run, feel free to PM Bigwebmaster.

Let's all just use some common sense and some discretion on what to
post so the quality of this forum stays where it is. If chatting is what you
would like to do, IM and MSN are for you, OZZU us not. Emails, and PM's
are a great way to have private conversations as well.

Enjoy OZZU!

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