Passenger Video of Qantas Emergency Jet Landing

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Post 3+ Months Ago ... ght-3.html

For an industry with an enviable safety record, the emergency landing of a Qantas 747 in Manila on Friday is a big deal. There's a huge investigation underway as to what caused the giant gash in the fuselage of QF 30 en route from Manila to Melbourne, and we're working on a post examining the theory that an oxygen tank exploded, and what's happening with the ongoing investigation.

Crazy to watch, but those pilots did an excellent job at getting that airplane on the ground. The passengers remained relatively calm too.
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Post 3+ Months Ago

On a more personal level that video freaked me out. I used Quantas to fly to Melbourne and back from Melbourne to London. The passangers were very calm during that flight, which is pretty amazing. When the plane was landing i just imagined what it was like being there and i genuinely felt a bit of fear, even though i knew it was a successful landing.

I don't think i'll be comfortable on a plane when landing again after seeing that. The silence was pretty eerie. I like being on planes, but when the plane has landed and it's making the sharp break to the end of the runway i always feared the breaks would go or it would over run the runway.

Good on the Quantas crew for making it a successful landing. It does well for them to know that there are some great pilots flying for Quantas, and it was very deserving of them to receive the applaud that they got at the end of the flight.
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Post 3+ Months Ago

The engine (or whatever it was on the wing) was damaged pretty badly.

Seems kind of scary and I'm glad that nobody got hurt on the plane. Would have being horrible if it did and could've soiled the companies safety record.

I flew to USA on an airplane and nothing happened :D ... well... something might have happened, but I slept throughout the whole flight. The place, I bet, was intense in the airplane during the crash landing. I'm sure it was a scary experience for those passengers.

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