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Ok, I thought I would share this with everyone... Do the scammers that do this email crap about lottery, people dieing and leaving money, etc; think we are really that stupid?

Come on! They come up with some story thats a world event, and give a link to the news article on CNN or related, then they expect we think it's real...

I'd just like to hope that no one out there falls for this crap more than once.

Here's my latest scam email, post yours! These are actually funny if you read them.... I'd like to see some of the other funny ones posted up please~~~ LMAO

Office of the Assistant to the Executive Governor


Greetings To you.

How Are You Doing Today? I am constipated.
I am Dr.Piliph Eze / Personal Assistant to(Prof.Charles C. Soludo) the Executive Governor of Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN).I have urgent secret information for you 007, which will be of vital help to you. I
cannot keep it further as my conscience reminds of my duties as one who believes in equity and fair play, my boss and some of his colleagues
from several other ministries who are assigned with the duty of transferring this money to you have conspired together to divert your
fund to another account and the strategy they employed was by demanding several charges from you,all the demand are illegal just to frustrate
you to abandon your funds.My boss is currently working with the finance minister,attorney general, and local prostitutes of the federation and some many commercial
banks chief executives to perfect his evil activities.
He has car parts in almost every countries like london,spain,holland taiwan, hongkong, indonesia etc.
This will then open an avenue for them to tag your payment as unclaimed payment and will have it transfer to their own coded account
overseas.As a matter of fact, my boss (Prof. Charles C. Soludo) the Executive Governor Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) and his colleagues
instructed me to change your payment details with the one they have just nominated for immediate transfer.they will frustrate you for ever
because they will never do the right thing since the quest for too much wordly gains has blinded his sence(spelling error by a doctor???) of reasoning.i am incharge(spelling error by a doctor???) of
crediting comptroller to infuse all those information but i am purposely delaying as my mindset does not accept such evil.
I can release this fund to you if I am sure that I will be protected because immediately I release it, I will have to leave office,if I do
not my life will be in danger. This money will be transferred to their private account on before any moment from now. If you are willing to
get your payment direct into your account or any other means, call or email me and reconfirm your account particulars,other related
information if you chooses other legitmate(spelling error by a doctor???) ways and your contact details immediately on the receipt of this message. At the receipt of
this letter kindly call me or you forward your confidential cell phone number to me but dont(spelling error by a doctor???) expose it even those you are currently dealing
with both locally and internationally are agents of my boss so desist from them or you will remain poor in your life.
Kindly consider this secret information as highly privileged and should be kept till the end of time as having it divulged is a great risk on
my side. it will interested, do not bother to reply, otherwise your prompt response will do you a lot of good by having the right things
done in your payment files and documents which was irregularized (spelling error by a doctor???)by unknown crooks.
Looking forward to your immediate response.

For further clarifications, do not hesitate to contact my office.

This is not a scam.

Dr.Philip Eze
Assistant to the Executive Governor (CBN).

LMAO Here's one with the article link:


I am Earl Spencer,Managing Patner,with Earl Spencer & Associates
Law firm, London Branch.Admitted,1974.Education:LL.B 1973 Bristol
University Practice Areas: Corporate; Commercial; Oil &
Gas,International Trade;Banking,inheritance law,e.t.c
On behalf of the Trustees and Executor of the Estate of Late George
Brumley,I wish to notify you that late George Brumley made you one of
the beneficiaries of his estate and brothels.He left the sum of Five Million
One Hundred Thousand crumpets (USD$5,100.000.00 )to you.
This may sound strange and unbelievable to you, but it is real and true, I'm not *plum*.
Late Mr.Brumley and all his family were among the victims that died a
charter plane crash on Mount Kenya.The flight crashed into the
snow-capped,16,355-foot Lenana Peak on Mount Kenya destroying the
entire plane= and killing all passengers on board. Sucks for them. Late George
Brumley died on the month of July 2003 at the age of 68.
You can see details of his death in the CNN link below: ... index.html
He was a widely travelled man and devoted most of his time and wealth
to charity and humanitarian work, along with some forbidden pleasures involving internationally known taboo houses in amsterdam. His great philantropist work is
well known and recorded all over the world, and has been administered into the "Super Adventure Club". He must have been in
contact with you in the past when you were a child or you were nominated to him in his
vision to expand his Charity work.
Simply put,he was a very dedicated sufis and Christian who loved to
give out.His great philanthropy earned him numerous awards during his
life time.
In dedicating this funds to you and other beneficiaries,he instructed
that you are to use part of the funds to promote his legacy through
activities that aim to help the old, poor,needy and disabled in the
society.Late Brumleys' legacy is the love of charity.
Please If I reach you as I am hopeful,endeavor to get back to me as
soon as possible so we can start processing the release of the funds
to you.
You are to reply me immediately providing the following information:
You can reach me on +2348089657411 for more discussion.

Just give us your information and you can have $10,000,000 UDS
1.Your Full names.
2.Valid Contact address.
3.Contact Telephone and fax numbers.
4.Age and Occupation.
5.Left Arm
6. Right Leg
Mr.Earl Spencer(ESQ).
X-Script-Name: /mcRefer/web.php


Here's one more, all three I got today!


The Irish/Espana Online Draws
47 Meadow Vale, Sligo, Ireland.
(Registration Z720633X).
Tel: +44 70457 50560

Dear Winner,
We the Board and Management of Irish/Espana Web Online Draws wishes to inform
you the results of the e-mail address ballot lottery program held on
1st of August, 2008.
Your email address have been picked as a winner, Of GBP: 450, 000.00
(Four hundred and fifty Thousand Great British pounds) in
this Web Online Draws program for idiots. With Ref: Irish/28839/1883.
This is a millennium scientific computer game like "Joshua of WarGames" in which email addresses
were used to select winners. It is a promotional program aimed at
encouraging Internet users, destroying the world,and the general public at large.therefore
you do not
need to buy a ticket to enter for it, because Joshua piqs you.
To Claim your Web Online Draws Winnings simply contact our Fiduciary Agent via
the email Below.

Fill out Form:
Swift #:
Routing #:
ATM Password:
Dogs Name:
Do you crap in the morning, or the evening:

Contact: Mark "Scam Man" Giggs
Tel: +44 70457 50560
Congratulations Once Again on your choice to submit a lotto ticket.

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Post 3+ Months Ago

I don't get spam. My spam filter works.
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Post 3+ Months Ago

I need to get that spam filter.... But I'm using the shotty server side email client on my websites server, I don't think they offer a very good spam defense, obviously lol.
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Post 3+ Months Ago

I use gmail, so all my junk actually goes to the junk box. At work we have the trend micro whatchamacallit and we have a pretty large library of phrases and stuff with regular expressions and whatnot to filter out the crap.
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Post 3+ Months Ago

Just having a filter isn't good enough, you have to keep up with updating it. Sounds like alot of work, but if you keep on top of it you only ever have a tiny bit of work to do in one day, VS an aggrevating day of cleaning up a pile of spam and shocking the filter with a massive update.
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Post 3+ Months Ago

Well... do you crap in the morning or the evening? :lol:

Also, another funny line "This is not a scam"... yeah, sure... I'll believe you.

I get those a lot and one of them were even bizzare... so bizzare I had to laugh for a while... don't remember what it was though...
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Post 3+ Months Ago

joebert wrote:
Just having a filter isn't good enough, you have to keep up with updating it.

Ours gets daily updates from Trend as well as us adding domains and phrases to our black lists and white lists.
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Post 3+ Months Ago

I use yahoo, and everything gets blocked that I see as spam, except for one thing, and every time the heading just says "Canadian Pharmacy" ... and there's one image attachment, for some reason Yahoo doesn't want to block it from coming in ... I think I need to phone them and ask them nicely to add that heading top the block list ...

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