My precious Lucretia!!!!!!!!!!!

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Well, my computer has finally given into the elements and passed away. It served me for many years, even from its humble beginnings this computer was meant for me.

Earlier today, I came home and after not going on my comp for a few days I started up the old girl. At first everything ran smoothly until I felt some liquid at my feet. Upon closer inspection, one of the tubes in my thermal cooling melted and the whole computer overheated, the smell of burnt rubber entered my senses and I began preparations for an operation. I cleared my desk and opened up my precious Lucretia, after about an hour of hard work and replacing countless plugs and switches I figured that the whole computer was trashed, melted rubber and static fried the heart and soul of my precious computer.

Her name was Lucretia, and she served my well since the day I got her. She started off as an old gateway comp, but I moded the case A LOT and over the few years I had her she's gone from a 500mhz 64mb to a 3.0GB 2GB NVIDIA Geforce FX, 264mb. She now lies in my closet joining my old nintendo, super nintendo, N64, old baseball gloves, and tons of books. It brought a tear to my eye while I scraped the old girl for available parts.

Even with this loss it brings a new beginning, tomorrow I will go shopping for for many new parts (only thing I was able to salvage was the soundcard, videocard, and the memory (which hasn't been tested)). I shall name my new computer Vincent, in honor of its predecessor.
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Hello nego,
I'm so sorry for your loss... :cry: Lucretia has given you good service over the years, i'm sure you'll regret the passing of Lucretia :cry: .
You now have..or will have pretty soon Vincent to cushion the down fall of your precious Lucretia!!
My condolences go out to you, we invited to the wake by any chance..?
~waves at nego~
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:( my deepest sympathies to you and yours over the loss of Lucretia. My brother and i recently parted with a valued member of our household know as Old Compy. Fortunatly his parts helped give birth to the advanced machines we use today so we are forever gratefull to the first generation of computers and Old Compy in particular. My Condolonces again.

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