problem with a great cookies controller

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In the process of protecting my computer, I found a program that controls cookies. How great!!! All those folks who advise you, every time you have a problem, to delete all your cookies, annoy me :twisted: That's NOT an acceptable option to me.

So I downloaded CookieCuller for firefox, which is my browser, and started to "allow", "allow for session" or "deny" the cookies depending on my feelings. Unfortunately a few days ago, I hit "deny" a bit too fast for Yahoo mail. Before, when I did that, I could get back to the pervious state and change my mind if I can't open the site.

Apparently Yahoo doesn't accept that. I get the error "The browser you're using refuses to sign in. (cookies rejected)". So I went manually into CookieCuller, added all the Yahoo cookies and even the full URL, into Firefox -> options -> Cookies and did the same, I still have the same issue. :roll: Even after deleting AVG 8.

It happens only with one of my Yahoo mail accounts, and I can open it in IE.

Anyone could give me an insight? If I "restore to a previous point" I am afraid to get the mess I just solved with Live Messenger. I emailed them and Firefox too, they have no idea. A wizzard here?

Thank you very much
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Uninstall the browser plugin?
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Please, any magician here? :)

I uninstalled the pluggin, went to any possible cookie related tool in firefox, windows, Ccleaner and so on, uninstalled and reinstalled Firefox (and got a mess in my bookmarks!) and Yahoo still stubbornly refuses to sign in (saying my browser refuses cookies :shock: ). Only in THIS computer and Firefox. :evil:

I am sure someone here has the solution. :lol: Thanks in advance

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