Putting a Value on a Website

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Hello all,
I have a question, not sure which section of the forum this should live, but I am curious about something.
I own codebuddies.co.uk. How would you value the website? based on visitors? popularity? content? .....

It gets around 25-100 uniques a day and I always have the best intentions to add content as soon as I can. Selling the website and domain is an option, but I have no idea if it would even be profitable.

Anyway, I am open to options and suggestions.

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I've got a blog with similar subject matter that averaged $1.23 eCPM and $1.12 per 1000 visits last year with Adsense. I tried slipping links to books and products at Amazon into blog posts towards the end of the year and though there were plenty of click-throughs, there weren't very many sales which means no comission.

The blog consistently has a ~90% bounce rate and the average page views per visit has never exceeded 2. People stick around awhile and read what the search engines lead them to, but most of the time they just read what they need and close the window.

The problem with this type of subject matter is that you have to have daily visitors in the hundreds just to cover a basic shared hosting bill. Most of the visitors will be pre-occupied with whatever they're doing that lead them to the blog so buying things is the last thing on their mind, meaning the visitors are of little commercial value.

So for me, another blog with the same subject matter and a ceiling of 100 visits a day wouldn't be something I would want to get in to.

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