School class system in your country. How is about name of cl

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Which info do you need in your country to find only your class once you know graduation year and grade? I mean only your class, not all classes from same year and grade.

Do have classes own names in colleges or high schools? How many years do you stay in class with same name? Do you need to change every year your classmates? Do you even need to know grade to find a class if you know the name of class?

Please explain me how is about that in your country.

Thank you very much!
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Uh I'm not sure I entirely understand the question... In my school, we didn't change classmates every year, our class had a two-number 'code' if you will, with the first number representing the year of school (this is all for high school I hasten to add), and the second being the number of the class. So there were six classes in each year, and mine was number 3, so in the first year we were I-3, in the second we were II-3, in the third we were III-3 and in the fourth we were IV-3.

I suppose if I wanted to find them I'd look for the class who graduated as IV-3 in the year 1997.

As far as university is concerned, my major was Japanese, so I'd look for the Japanese class that enrolled in 1997. Cuz we all graduated at different times, I guess....

hope this helps :D
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Ours also had a two/three letter code (depending what Grade we were in) ... let's say I was in grade 10 in Miss Human's class, that meant that my class's name would've been 10H ... 10 for grade 10, and H for Human.

but each period I was in a different class aswell, she was just our teacher that handled all our admin and gave out letters etc, but each student in our school had a unique timetable, so we didn't stay in the same class ...
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MTH220 200870
MTH218 200870
ITC117 200840

Subject code (ITC117) + Year + Session code

Session codes are
03 Trimester 3A
10 Summer Session
19 Trimester 1
40 Autumn Session
43 Trimester 1A
49 Trimester 2
63 Trimester 2A
70 Spring Session
79 Trimester 3

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