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Post 3+ Months Ago

I ran accrost an interesting idea on how to keep bots from spamming a form.

If you were to create an extra field in a form and hide it using CSS instead of giving it the normal type of hidden, a bot will still think its a normal input so they will fill it with what ever they think it needs. Then you just check to see if it has a value. If it does then its a bot because no human can see the field.
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Post 3+ Months Ago

Sounds like a good idea using CSS to trip up the bots.

Another one would be a twist on the "What's one plus six ?" question asked by some forms.

Use CSS to float everything to the right and use subtraction instead of addition.

That way you have
Code: [ Select ]
<span>six</span> <span>minus</span> <span>1</span>

Which followed semanticly, which is the way a bot will more than likely be looking at it, would look like "6 - 1 = 5".

however if you float each of those elements to the right
Code: [ Select ]
#question span
   float: right;
  1. #question span
  2. {
  3.    float: right;
  4. }

you end up with "1 - 6 = -5"

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