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I've been using dreamweaver pretty much since I started doing web development. No I don't use it as a WYSIWYG, only the code view. But sometimes it bugs me. There's only 1 feature that keeps me from learning the ins and outs of a different IDE - dynamic files. When I open an HTML or PHP file in Dreamweaver, all linked files are opened as well so I don't have to go searching for them in the folder tree if I need to make a quick adjustment. It has seriously saved me a lot of time, and keeps my file tabs nice and clean.

The couple things I really hate about's code navigation shortcuts suck. There is no "go to end of line", "duplicate line", "select line" nor a myriad of other quick shortcuts. There isn't any auto documentation like netbeans has. There are seriously a huge lack of features that have become expected in any other coding environment. I would love it if you guys could give me some suggestions on something else I could use.

The budget will be as high as it needs to be, but if you give a suggestions for something that's crazy expensive, please only mention it if it has a trial period that I can use to test it out. Best case scenario, it will work on win and mac. If not, then I'm looking for something that works on a mac. Something that makes it easy to navigate code, has code completion, has a ZEN Coding plugin (very important), and has a built in FTP.

A HUGE bonus would be the dynamic files, but if it must go, then it will.
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I have used the komodo edit (FREE as in beer) and have tinkered with the IDE but I have so far been very pleased with just the free version.
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i have been using Adobe master suite for 5 years now and well it is the first thing i install after my display driver on every computer i have. I have had times i just want to punch the screen using it but end of the day the overall layout and the way it is meant to be used i find it well then manageable for most projects. anything else that needs to be done i have a Vmware linux setup and i use bash.

But i would also suggest looking into other design software and see if there is one that holds a better style for you.

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