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Here's a little bit of "common knowledge" that distributes. The part with the > is from my friend to the admin.

> Hello, Mr. Wilde. Thank you for your prompt reply. I actually did
> notice the errors. As soon as I did, I used my browser's back
> button because the person who created your registration form
> to include a "reset registration" button at the error screen.

That's because you SHOULDN'T have hit back. You should have reported
the error. Because your registration was left incomplete. Nothing was
forgotten. Common sense when receiving an error is to ASK what
happened rather than blindly re-trying.

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Post 3+ Months Ago

My reply is a bit late, but they do not seem too bright. Whenever I get errors on websites, I usually always hit back and try again to see if it will work, hoping the first attempt was just bad luck. If it continues to fail I would usually just leave the site and try elsewhere. Now if the site was really important to me and there were no competitors that I could run to, then I would probably contact them to see if they could fix the problem, and make sure they were aware there was a problem.

The Shrew wrote:
Common sense when receiving an error is to ASK what happened rather than blindly re-trying.

I totally disagree with they said. Common sense is that visitors are not going to want to waste their time contacting you, because they just want it to work now, and if it does not work now, they will probably leave.
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Post 3+ Months Ago

Yeah, I agree with BWM there, so there's no need for your friend to be made to feel like he did the wrong thing. Personally, I'd find a reply like that incredibly offensive, and a good indication that thats not the kind of service I'd be looking for...
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Post 3+ Months Ago

gawd, what crappy service.
i wonder if there is a website on the net for bad service reports where people can post emails like that.

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