This is what our society has become.

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11 Fraternity Brothers Charged In Student Death
Psi Epsilon Chi Members Face 150 Charges In Alleged Hazing Fatality

According to police, fraternity members allegedly pushed Walter Dean Jennings (pictured, below) to drink so much water that he died.

Eleven past and present members of the fraternity Jennings was joining face 150 charges -- ranging from hazing to negligent homicide -- in connection with his death.

Police said the members of the Psi Epsilon Chi fraternity -- which was not authorized by the university -- forced Jennings to drink pitcher after pitcher of water through a funnel until he threw up. Police said they did that to Jennings 10 days in a row.

According to the autopsy, all that water caused his brain to swell and killed him.

"Dean Jennings didn't die of an aneurysm. He didn't die of any natural causes. He died of water intoxication due to the conduct of pledging, hazing," said Plattsburgh Police Chief Desmond Racicot.

Wednesday, Plattsburgh city police rounded up nine members of Psi Epsilon Chi and took them to court. Police said the other two students turned themselves in late Wednesday.

The fraternity brothers were charged with 150 crimes in all, including criminally negligent homicide, hazing, and in some cases, lying to police.

If convicted, some of the students could go to prison, depending on their criminal records.

"Hazing is something that's illegal. It's not acceptable; not acceptable in this community, it's not acceptable in any community," Racicot said.

Police said alcohol and drugs didn't cause Jennings' death, but they say fraternity members did allegedly haze him, including forcing him to drink alcohol.

Jennings was unconscious when fraternity members brought him to the hospital in Plattsburgh March 12. He died later at Fletcher Allen Medical Center in Burlington.

Doctors say it takes gallons of water to cause someone to die. Drinking all that water reduces sodium in the body, which can then cause cells to swell. Once brain cells start swelling there isn't much that can be done.

"If somebody is being forced to take just volumes and volumes of water, the body can't adjust very quickly," said Dr. Peter Weimersheimer of Fletcher Allen Health Care. "The body's trying to process that water and get rid of it. And if the water is being taken in faster than the body can get rid of it, there's nothing for it, there's just no recourse."

There may be additional charges in the case. Police said the investigation is continuing. And Plattsburgh Mayor Dan Stewart, for one, wants to find a way to charge the fraternity house owners -- Psi Epsilon Chi, Inc. -- in Jennings death.

"Would I like to see this house gone forever? You're damn right I would! I want to be there the day that we take the letters off the house," Stewart said.
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Post 3+ Months Ago

Damn thats pretty upsetting and sad.
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Post 3+ Months Ago

well if they MADE him drink as in forced him, then i guess they deserve whatever they got coming... but if he was just drinking with the rest of them and drank by peer pressure well then... its his own fault.. drunk or not...
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Post 3+ Months Ago

I agree Gadget. Unless they had tied him up and pinned him down,
pryed his mouth open, and then forced it down his throat, it was 100%

i am in a fraternity and we did some things that might be considered
inappropriate. But, never once did we ignore the fact that the individual
has the right to refuse at any time without recourse. We never expelled
any pledge of brother for sticking to their beliefs and thoughts.

I think our society sometimes thinks it's always the other person's fault
way too much.

Just my Image

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