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Carnix wrote:
Not to be an ass or anything... but someone's got to play devil's advocate, and well... look at my photo (that really is me, by the way... heh, funny what enough photoshop tweaking can do...)


Why can't you find the time to go with her? If you're that worried, you should go with her, not to protect her from herself (well, maybe a little), but to just be there. Maybe she'd go out less if you were willing to spend more time with her. It could be she's going out so much because she's bored and needs something more. I'm sorry to be cruel about it, but sometimes it's not always the other person's fault, at least not entirely. The fact is, if you're worried, you need to talk to her about it. Tell her how you feel. If she cares about you, like you apparently care about her, she'll be happy to talk through this.

Just remember, the thing about love is you're gonna have to stretch at least as much as you demand the other person stretch, or its only a matter of time before your relationship will fall apart.

By the way, before anyone starts... here was my age 17 schedule pretty much every week. I fully understand what it means to be busy. I too had girlfriends thrown into the mix, and no relationship lasted less than 3 months, amazingly enough (in fact, I've never in my life had a relationship last for less than that...)

School: way too early - 4:05 PM
Lacrosse practice: 4:30 - 6 PM. (spring time only)
Work: 7:00 - 10:00 PM - (spring)
Work: 5:00 - 10:00 PM (off season)
Homework: 1 or 2 hours, or until I fell asleep, usually about an hour.

But then, I had the weekends off. I usually studied at the library or in the park on sundays for a few hours (depending on the weather), and usually worked out for at least a couple hours saturdays, and Lacrosse games were always on Saturdays too... and on the offseason, I usually worked a shift in the early afternoon, but otherwise, Saturday night was party night, and since I busted my ass all week and always got good grades, my parents were very lienient about it... the only rule was "don't do anything stupid" which I've always respected and lived by, and hope my children will be smart enough to do the same...


Well, she is not going out that often, thats for a fact.. I really do not think I am being a bore for her, since we are spending almost 6/7 of the week together. I agree with some of your statements, but I belive that a boy in the age of 17 can have a serious relationship, even tho it is a critical age. I am going to call her in 40 minutes, just to hear how the party has been.. I am a bit timorous.
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:scratchhead: What's wrong with alcohol and strippers ?!? :drinking:
Where am I ?!? :shocked!:
What the hell is going on here ?!? :eek6:

:P Do what you feel is right man, anything else isn't worth doing :wink:

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