Transformers 2 obsession with balls. (spoiler too)

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Post 3+ Months Ago

This is one movie I am not buying.
I am going to download it and then edit all that crap out of it and burn my own DVD.

What is the obsession with humping and balls?

Two times they show dog humping.
Robot humping her foot.

Then tack on the testicle shots.
It was funny when the guy shocked himself, the question after about how many times until you can't have children was like... why... not funny.

Landing fox on him in that position, why... what meaning did it even have besides another sex and ball reference....

Having the big machine have balls, seriously, why?
It was ridiculous.

The S7 thong? Seriously, stupid, and irrelevant to the whole rest of the movie.

It is stupid that they are stopping the 8-12 year olds from seeing a movie that would spark interest in the toys again. I definitely would not let any kid < 13 see this.. it is perverse.
They target the audience to people who are older, and won't buy the toys? Pretty stupid. Especially when the added content has nothing to do at all with the plot.

Take out the numerous sex items, the marijuana scene, and the 10x more swearing than the first movie, and the movie would be fine for 8 year olds easily...

Disappointing is an understatement.

/shrug or am I off and balls are the funniest thing ever that makes everyone laugh because the sicker the joke, the more people like it?
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Post 3+ Months Ago

I agree it's sad that the world has now just a big perverse joke. What happened to some just classic humor try listening to some old Bill Cosby vinyls or the old Honeymooners. What happened to that kind of humor?

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