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UPSGuy wrote:
You start seriously risking the bends at 33 feet where the pressure has effectively doubled on you. That's the type of thing that you pick up and keep in the back of your mind. At 40 ft. do you jettison and deal with a compression chamber or the bends, or do you take the 2 mins. required to get you back to the proper depth and go for it? I like playing those types of questions as educated as possible.

Shucks. There's some good points! I do not remember being told to actually try jettisoning anything for any reason. I mean I was thinking (now) "What if a tube broke or something" which is pretty much the only reason to do that, in which case you could not take 2 min if you wanted*. Perhaps, thinking harder now, I think we were supposed to stay down, and at the end (or earlier, if you wanted to go) we were supposed to head up to about 15' and wait until signalled to continue. Yeah.

There must have been some more emergency instructions, too. I don't know -- how much can go wrong? Like I said, I would assume a lot, but I think in reality it is fairly foolproof.

To be honest, most of the time we were in like 20-25' of water, is my guess. And the whole dive only lasted <45 mins. I can dive that far without a tank anyway, altho I realize the bends does not apply then, so I guess it just seemed like a walk in the park. I'm not an unusually courageous person, what really surprised me was my lack of fear.

*I'm kind of picturing me asking that: "So can I just take this off if the air stops coming out?" and being told not to worry. Which I guess if you are going down 100' or so, that better be true. The equipment can't fail you.
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Post 3+ Months Ago

Well, Octopus's Garden, I think Ringo sings

never heard!!! *runs to youtube*

and you guys are seriously making me consider taking some leave and going diving somewhere...... sure beats doing these rotten reports.

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