I want to build a .com on my computer but how ?

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:shock: Wazz Up,

I have this big question of the year :lol can I like have a program on my computer like a server for my website and but I also want like to server a .com for my site . Don't know if you understand but I only want a http://www.mysite.com cause I don't want to pay a .com and I have a computer here to do the server with and I don't know how so I need some help from the pro's if there are some pro's out there ?

Thxs in adavance to the pro's

ciao :twisted:
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you're gonna need whats called a static IP. That means that no matter what... your IP address never changes. You probably don't have one... what you have is a dynamic IP that will change nearly every time you connect to the internet.
The reason you need this is because when you register your domain name... you have to "point" it to an IP address so all the surfers on the web will be able to find your server.

A solution to the problem of not having a static IP is to use a service like dynIP where you have software on your pc that will tell the service your IP and allow you to run a server from a dynamic IP address.

You will need server software as well. You can install redhat winNT server, 2000 server or XP server... You can also download apache of windows OS's. Lots of choices.

want a http://www.mysite.com cause I don't want to pay a .com

You will stll have to pay something....
either you're lucky enough to have an ISP that gives you a static IP even tho you didn't ask for one... OR.. you'll have either pay for one or pay for dynIP.
Plus you have to register a domain name which isn't much. you can find domain name registrars for $8 to $15/year.

If you plan on a larger traffic site 10,000+/day or large data transfers your simple cable or DSL isn't going to cut it.

If you're looking to open a small site for friends or a small group then it will work like a charm.

Good luck and have a nice day
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One of the cheapest places you can purchase your domain name is http://www.godaddy.com/ , and yes you must purchase a domain name to get it, and usually pay once a year, unless you want to pay for future years up front. Anyway at Godaddy I think domains are $8.95
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Nice informative post ed thanks,

also you can do it with a Dynamic IP address. meaning your ip address changes frequently or occasionally. there are a few sites out there that will provide you with a a domain hosting service. one that i can think of is http://www.dyndns.org. (or http://www.dyndns.com is another i believe)
anyway what they do is host your domain NAME (not site) on their dns server and forward it to your dynamic ip address. how do they know your ip when it changes? well you runa little program that runs in your system tray that keep their dns servers up to date as to your latest ip address.

hope that help alittle

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