I want to start my own forum ,VB OR PHPBB ?

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hello .

i want to start a forum , is the any software that can help me get my form up and running ?,
i heard about VB and PHPBB, which one is better?
if someone could give me some advice , that would be great.
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Ozzu uses phpbb3 and we have no problems with it. There are all sorts of different custom modifications you can install, or you can change things yourself if you know PHP programming. Some people seem to really like vBulletin, but I have never tried it so couldn't tell you which one I like better. All I know is I have used phpbb for years and think they have done excellent work with it.
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I would agree. I've only ever used phpBB software and always liked it. There is another site i frequent often that uses vBulletin and i've only this last few months got used to the way the site runs because both are very different.

Having not ever tried vBulletin i cannot comment on how simple it is to work with but i can tell you that phpBB is very simple to install and run.
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As a visitor, there's things I like about both VB and phpBB. I visit forums using both regularly and there's always something I wish was done the way it is on another forum that uses the other software.

One of the big things is the thread subscription system, I much prefer the VB system to what phpBB has. I like being able to decide whether I get an instant email, daily updates, or just an entry in the UCP about the reply. I use the front page of the VB UCP constantly, I almost never use the front UCP page of phpBB. In my opinion phpBB has a good UCP module system but the way it's brought together for the front page is pretty much useless by default.

I only have limited experience with administrating VB, pretty much just emergency troubleshooting. I found the ACP to be odd and in some ways counter-intuitive, I'm slightly more in favor of the phpBB ACP system.

As a programmer I am fond of how easy it is to add custom modules to the phpBB MCP/ACP/UCP and often wonder why I don't see more custom modules out there.

From what I've heard, VB is easier to create templates for because of everything being in a single file HTML-wise. I've never created a template for VB though and don't even know for sure if that's true.

That's all that comes to mind at the moment.

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