!WARNING! - New Illness going around - "Domaining Disease"

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Post 3+ Months Ago

I've had my suspicions that a rather nasty disease has been floating around, under the radar, for many years.

Well, now it has finally been unmasked and its impact on the world, across all continents, has been huge and deadly serious.8-X

It has been logged by Scientists and given an official name of DN-NE1 but the Media have taken hold of this epidemic and tagged it "Domainers Disease".

Scientists now believe it was actualy created in the 1980s but only had its first outbreak of note in the 1990s. It seems to have then diminished in the late 1990s but then took a stranglehold in and around 2002. It was previously thought of as just being a mutated strain of Capitalismiosis but Scientists now believe it can be classed as a deadly disease in it's own right.

The exact numbers of infected people is not known but it is now widely believed to have taken a grip on hundreds of thousands of individuals, perhaps millions across the globe. Its growth was most prevalent in the Western World and particular the USA, Germany and UK.
We now understand that in recent years, there have been massive outbreaks in India and China and indeed, some small areas such as Monte Negro, Tuvalu and Western Samoa have been decimated by "Domainers Disease"

Have you got "Domainers Desease"? What to look out for.

Its all starts when you come into contact with a carrier, otherwise known as a Registrar and purchase your first domain name.

Once this has happened you have effectively got the disease for life and it will be almost impossible to shake off.

You will find yourself completely unable to stop registering more domain names no matter how awful they are.

You ignore the advice of colleagues, friends, family and other "Domainers Disease" sufferers by continuing to renew domain names despite being told it is absolutely futile.

You spend all day thinking about domain names and just about everything you see or do makes you unable to stop thoughts of "Umm, I wonder if that is available in .com"

You spend more time on domain name forums than talking with your family.

Your friends dare not mention domain names or websites in case you go off on a 30 minute rant.

How to avoid catching or spreading the Domainers Disease

Do not EVER register a single domain name. Otherwise your life will never be the same again.

Avoid contact with anybody who has a website or worse, actualy bought a domain name with absolutely no intention of developing it.

Should you contract DN-NE1, you should hide yourself in your room or study and never mention to people what do you for a living or as a hobby.

Moving Forward

There are various support groups for people with this disease, commonly known as Domain Forums.

Although, the damage has already been done, the impact around the globe is total and devastating, and it continues to get worse every day, you should not be dismayed. Live every Non-Domainer day as your last and enjoy every second until the dreaded disease gets you, for it will get you, it is just a matter of time.

[SIZE="1"]Below is an image of a person , before and after the Disease has hit them.[/SIZE]


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