Who Needs Privacy? Apparently Several Million People

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It looks like the on-line privacy wars are finally going to come to a head. Google, Facebook, and Zynga are among targets of recently filed class action lawsuits accusing them of doing just about anything that has to do with privacy, wrong.

I think the lawyers are going to make out better than usual on this one, by the time this is over nobody's going to want to tell anyone their address when it comes time to send out the checks.
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Post 3+ Months Ago

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I cannot say i've ever sat down and really thought about all the things Google, Facebook and Zynga have done to affect my privacy and never felt that i was bothered enough about it to want to think about it.

Having considered things though there is only one thing that Google have done that immediately springs to mind that does concern me, the one thing that will no doubt be brought up in these legal proceedings, and that is the Street View. Unlike Germany the UK has not requested Google to remove street view images from the website at the request of the home owner which in my opinion is denying us all the privacy we all want in life. Google never asked us if they could take these photographs, they just took them and then submitted it to the web allowing billions of people to explore these images.

Zynga probably gets most of it's information from Facebook. The thing about Facebook though is they don't particularly take information from you that you are not willing to give them anyway. If anyone is going to complain about their phone number appearing on their profile then they should really try to work out why they added it in the first place. This being said there are ways in which to restrict people from seeing certain things on Facebook however Facebook really have made these settings awkward to use. I use the site on a daily basis and i've never really been introduced to ways in which to adjust the privacy settings since the early days...they seem to expect people to figure it out once they tell you of this new feature which is pretty poor on their behalf.
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Well I know about Facebook. It has always been in news due to it's lack of privacy controls. Apparently it seems to have a lot of options and provide control to its users and innocent members believe it but there are certain features you're opted in automatically unless you opt out explicitly which is unfair. It should be the other way round.
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Another feature on facebook's network which is against users privacy is TAGs in photographs and comments made below these tend to expose a lot of unwanted information about a individual which web, which can be used for social engineering purposes...

as mentioned in above posts Privacy settings on Facebook too are not user-friendly...a lot of information is exposed if one uses the recommended settings and for those of us who bother going to custom settings and Hide info using ME ONLY setting...a simple Hack would reveal additional information if desired by the hacker...

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