Why not just take away the decision ?

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Post 3+ Months Ago

The Psychology Department of North Carolina State University put together a test that discovered something we all should have known already, college kids are in college for a reason.

Here's the story.
Basicly what they did, was ask some students to visit some websites and report back about their experiences with them. But instead, the students were bombarded by dialog boxes & watched.

The authors suggest that user training might help more people recognize the risks involved with fake popups and the diagnostic signs of genuine Windows dialogs, but the fact that the students didn't appear to spend any more time evaluating the fake dialogs raises questions as to whether education is enough.

Take away the decision and you take away the chance a bad decision will be made. I can't remember the last time I got a dialog box that wasn't completely useless. How about we just get rid of dialog boxes ?
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Post 3+ Months Ago

Really interesting article, and made me think twice about how I deal with pop-ups. I feel I am a fairly well educated computer user, and am very careful when using my home computer system (anti-virus, blockers, scans, general good sense, etc).

But heres another view, as a college student myself. I find myself not caring very much what happens on the lab computers at school, and do the same thing the students in the study did. When Im at school in the labs I am singularily focused on my studies, and dont really pay attention to what pops up. I click right through it(generaly closing it, not accepting what it offers) but I dont usually READ what it says. Simply said (not that this is a responsible or good view), not my computer not my problem. So perhaps its not so much teaching people how to deal with the threats, but teaching people to show the same respect for the school computers as their personal PCs.

Just a thought :?

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