Yall do any flash collabs?

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No, this really isnt advertising because i dont even mod or admin this site. And the mod/admins of this site dont even get any money anyways for you going to their site. Butits a flash group, called the ^%#(*&). Its based off newgrounds and is pretty cool. If your good/amazing/a n00b at flash take a look. If youve been to newgrounds, you know they have a portal. We have our very own portal, BBS, Tutorials for help, and so on. Yet it doesnt seem like a huge site. Only 25 active members or so.

Even if your not gonna join check the place out, i think the site stuff is pretty cool.

*spam removed*

We try to do a huge collab thing every once in a while for flash but we havnt had enough ppl to rely on or make a good part. So, well, whatever- ^_^
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Your review topic was locked because you didn't follow the rules to post
your own, and now you are spamming the same link to gain members.

This has to stop or you will lose your priveleges to post here at ozzu.
Please see that it does. Thanks.

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