You reap what YOU sow, not I sow

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I woke up to a funny comment on a blog of mine today.

2/9/09 11:48 AM Anonymous said...

You have scientology ads on your blog.

Apparently they wanted to warn me of the dangers of Scientology or something. Maybe they were trying to insinuate that because there is Scientology ads on my blog I write like a Scientologist. Who knows. The thing is though, the ads on that blog are using Googles' DART cookie and are totally dependent on what Google thinks are the best ads for each particular visitor.

I was just going to delete the comment and save someone from feeling foolish, but since it was an anonymous comment anyways I couldn't help but reply.

2/9/09 3:38 PM Joe said...

The ads are "User Targeted" so if you see ads about that it means Google thinks it's something you would be interested in based on what you've been reading and searching for...

I see ads for technology companies. :)

The moral of the story is, the more you knock something, the more you're going to see about it.
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Post 3+ Months Ago

Remind me not to visit your blog. I'm hesitant to think about what ads would show up :oops:
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Yeah, ATNO wouldn't want anyone to walk by his office and see advertisements for adult diapers on his monitor.

I got ads for registry cleaner and some database thing called SQL-RD.
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Post 3+ Months Ago

I got ads for getting a job, to stop leaving my clothes on the floor and self-help books so I can stop slobbering at family functions.

Wow, DART really works.

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