Do you TOR?

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Ive been reading up on this Tor network. it almost reminds me of the BitCoin network in a way. But besides the point. What are yaws idea of pros and cons of the Tor Network.

For thoes who dont know what TOR is.

Tor Network: The Onion Router Network
Tor is free software and an open network that helps you defend against a form of network surveillance that threatens personal freedom and privacy, confidential business activities and relationships, and state security known as traffic analysis. <- From Tor website.

I am starting to hear crickets on here...
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I know nothing about TOR but it seems similar to what i use to use a long time ago (peer guardian 2) I remember my shock when i first turned that program on. I was being pinged by so many government IP's it was insane. it was something like 100 times a second. not only that but there were schools and advertisement agencies and random IP's. i watched it for a couple of weeks and i watched the number of pings drop. then peer guardian pull support and I have not tried to find another program like that.
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TOR doesn't really work that great. You still have the issue of DNS leak and if the connection is dropped your real IP address will show up. Also isn't tor just for Ports 80 and 8080 for the most part. You still have command line proxies you need to set up. Stuff for SSH, FTP, Torrents, or anything else you visit, visit view download and share. I don't really trust highly advertised proxy services anyway. If I wanted to say catch people participating in illegal activities on the internet I would use funding from the NSA or Homeland Security to set those networks up. Then I would tell everyone how great and private and secure those proxy servers were. Then I'd just wait and college data on everybody who used the network for a few years. Then I would bust everyone.

If you want real privacy the only sure way to do it is us a connection that is not your own and never log with your own user account or any account that can be traced back to you. Don't store any cookies or allow scripts or install any plugins and then use a proxy or proxy chains for every protocol you use. Log in from somewhere there are no observers or cameras that can identify you or your vehichle later. Use and computer you won't feel bad about throwing in the microwave.

Not saying anyone should ever use the internet for anything illegal. I'm just saying if do be smart enough to not get caught.

That being said, I'd say for most people just using a proxy to bypass DNS redirects so they can visit facebook or look at porn from work any old proxy will do.

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