Your secret nuclear base is "exposed"...

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It has to be a little annoying when somebody finds your Secret Nuclear base on Google Earth...

The Google Earth project has been the subject of much controversy due to the nature of what it can reveal. Countries such as India and South Korea have expressed concerns over the project. It seems that those concerns were warranted as a UK tabloid newspaper recently used Google Earth to reveal a top-secret British nuclear base.

Various governments have also expressed concern over the availability of sensitive information that could provide tactical data to terrorists. The latest controversy surrounding Google Earth revolves around the accidental exposure of a top-secret British nuclear base.
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Post 3+ Months Ago

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So if it isn't google earth, then its going to be any other private organization with high altitude planes or sattelites that do it. Shoot, it could even be somebody with a remote control model helicopter with a CCD camera mounted to the belly snapping pics and posting them online.
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I love how they like to point fingers at the "problem". Bad People are going to do Bad Things if Google is here or not.

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