Can Wordpress hinder one's website SEO efforts

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I've been considering the use of Wordpress in creating a new website -- not a blog, but a full website. Somebody told me, however, that Wordpress can hinder one's SEO attempts. He says that Wordpress tends to introduce a lot of overhead, resulting in code that's less clean than one might generate using only ASP or HTML.

What do you think? Have any of you found that Wordpress makes SEO more difficult? Do you think that you could produce better results by developing websites through raw coding or other means?
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Hey Dekanos-

Wordpress is actually very seo-friendly and even Matt Cutts has recommended using Wordpress for sites. They have a ton of plugins making it very easy to create a very seo-friendly website.

I have one website that is more geotargeted to a specific area and getting top ranking, but it's not all that competitive. I am just starting to work with one website that is in wordpress and very competitive, so I will see how well it does being in Wordpress.

Hope that helps!
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Who ever told you that probably didn't have a great Wordpress experience or may be referring to the amount of unrelated, spam comments the blog received that caused google to penalize it.

Anyhow, Wordpress is a very effective blog system that will help increase traffic to your website.

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