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Hi everyone,

Thanks for having me in your forum and I hope to gain much insight in to the topic of SEO.

I have been asked to optimise a client's new website (weiss-ukdotcom). It was launched on 21/03/14 under an existing domain used for their previous site. Upon examining not only the site but also the Google Analytics reports I found a number of strange anomalies which I pointed out to the client who subsequently instructed me to investigate.

These are the main issues:
  • Since the launch of the new site and without any work to it from myself or anyone else I’m aware of it has absolutely been dominant in Google for almost all of the major keyphrases relevant to their industry. (In fact some searches using fairly generic phrases for the industry like “floor standing temperature chambers” or “floor standing test chambers” produce results with 7 or more of their pages listed on page one of Google’s SERPs.)
  • Also since launch the traffic according to Google Analytics has dropped by over 95% from an average of about 4000 visits to under 200 for any 30 day segment after launch.
  • The amount of new visitors has dropped from a pre-launch amount of around 3000 (75%) to less than 10 (5%).
  • Acquisition from organic search has dropped from 2600 (68%) to 110 (56%). As there are less than 10 new visitors I am assuming 100+ visitors were revisiting the site via a search engine.
  • I have found no natural (or any other) external links leading to the site.

This simply doesn't add up to me. Basically if there is nothing wrong here I am not needed.

Your thoughts are appreciated.

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