2WSX and Caps Lock on laptop not working.

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I recently just disassembled my Vostro laptop to clean the system fan and re-apply thermal paste.

After re-assembling i realized my 2,w,s,x and caps lock keys has stopped working. (before the "operation" all keys were working 100%)

so i quickly disassembled my system again (to look at the ribbon) and it was tightly secured.

Lifting the keyboard in an upright position ( kind of pulling the ribbon ) causes all the keys to work perfectly fine, but every time its back in its original position.. the keys ive mentioned stops working again..


-cleaned ribbon with microfiber clothing
-resit the ribbon
-uninstalled and reinstalled keyboard (device manager)

Can someone please enlighten me =[.. is there anything i've missed? or is it time for a new keyboard =[

thanks in advance everyone.

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