9000 PRO A-I-W Poooor Sensitivity

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I have a Dell Dim using a 9000 A-I-W graphics card (the card came with the computer from dell). When capturing analog VHS video from my recorder/player the video quality is unacceptable on my computer monitor. The video appears acceptable on my cheap TV. Not all tapes have this problem. Some are acceptable and these tapes were recorded by the same camcorder. All commercial tapes have good quality. It appears the unacceptable tapes have low video signals and do not track. I would have thought the 9000 would have greater sensitivity than a cheap TV. I am using the default codec that came with the system.
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well obviously there's a difference with the tape recording as you mentioned so do you know what the differences are, were they both recorded with the same format eg Pal or NTSC? Are they both the same brand of tape. Only other thing i can think of is that the TV will amplify the picture a bit making it clearer and better quality where as the ATI card just accepts what's coming in the input as is as far as signal strength is concerned. Im sorry i can't be really helpful. All i can suggest is to play with the camera's settings and see if you can reproduce good and bad quality with one of the bad tapes.

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