acer aspire 5050 laptop POST and running problem.

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I recently bought a an acer aspire 5050 laptop from ebay, its an AMD turion 64x2 2GHz, it has 512 DDR2 ram, and a 20GB hard disk installed. when i first had it for like the first few hours it was booted and worked fine. But now ive got a problem and its a headache. when i switch the laptop on the lights come on and the fan spins but there is no post what so ever, the dvd drive doesnt even open when i press it, but sometimes it will just boot but then windows will start doing all sorts more or less just crashing (like sounds getting stuck endless beeps... so on).

ive seen on fourms from this site that acers are very common with these sort of problems but i havent seen any site anywhere with the clue ive found to the problem but obvously i still dont know exactly whats the problem. when the laptop is stuck on lights and spinning fan but no post if i apply pressure with my hands just under the keyboard the laptop will suddenly start, also when the laptop starts to crash or sounds get stuck and all that stuff in windows if i apply pressure it, it fixes itself.

iven even checked on the system monitor in windows and at one point the cpu usage was at 60%, apply pressure to it goes staight down to 0%, the only thing i can think is something is loose or not working properly, the heatsink, pcmcia card slot, a usb and vga port are all the things near to were im applying pressure

anyone know what might be going on

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