Anyone try the new SSD HD's?

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Anyone try those new SSD hard drives? I guess they're supposed to be crazy fast but they're also crazy expensive. I almost bought a little 32GB one to run windows on but it was $100 so I decided against it.
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Operating Systems don't appear to be ready to take full advantage of SSD yet. A recent benchmark actually placed Windows 2K in the lead for performance, suggesting that Microsoft for one was thinking in a different direction.
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no, SSDs are not the way forwards yet.

Even if you are willing to pay the amount and have your second - non ssd - drive for files, a cheap (less than, oh $700?) SSD will be prone to corruption within a year of standard use. I recommend getting a 2nd hdd - with low capacity but relatively high rpm, cache and read/write times to run windows from - its comparatively cheaper than one larger hdd with the same speeds. you could try a raid setup of course.
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Do not defrag SSD (Solid Stated Drives/Solid State Hard Drive/Solid State Hard Disk Drive/SSD SHDD SHD whatever tag you want to put)
I think the link is here: ... ii_2_5-ssd

The link is not working though.

As for my computer usage, I have a 100GB (no bigger) for running the OS and I think it is 7200 rpm.

I am curious about loading an OS from a SSD. What kind of cache is available? What kind of seek time?
I wouldn't need too much space, just 10-20 GB. Maybe I could run the other IDE/SATA to a larger capacity disk.
I have been thinking about a custom small computer and how the flash cards used for cameras have as much as 16-32 GB...I don't know the speed on their seek and I don't know if they have cache....
They are small, though!
Imagine that in a super small laptop.

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