Are multi-core processors actually usefull ?

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It seems like unless you have a ridiculous amount of RAM in a system, or frequently read/write from multiple HDD/CD/DVD devices simultaneously, that multiple cores would do little more than create more work in the form of maintaining which core is doing what.

What good are multi-core processors ?
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Great, now I'm going to end up spending the rest of my afternoon reading about this. Thanks a lot, Wikipedia.
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I have an X2, and for the most part find very little difference in performance over my old 3500+. It does speed up the OS functions some, and if you multi-task alot, I understand that it will help there also, If a program is specifically programmed for mutl-cores, they can benefit, but otherwise save your money. I know that there are quad cores that are coming out soon, but unless something changes, I'll stick with what I have.
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I know that between my old 2.8ghz P4 and my Core 2 Duo, switching back and forth between gaming and using Adobe Photoshop/Illustrator simultaneously is a lot quicker and more responsive.
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i was readin abotu intel vs amd in the duel cores on found this

After reading the round-by-round account of our dual-core desktop CPU prizefight, it should come as no shock that AMD's Athlon 64 X2 chips are the runaway victors here, laying out the Intel Pentium D and Pentium Extreme Edition 840 chips pins up. If we had to call out one chip, AMD's Athlon 64 X2 4400+ is an outstanding bargain given the competition, but as our results show, any AMD dual-core CPU will serve you better than its similarly priced Intel equivalent.

looks like amd wins this round :P

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