ATI Radeon 7000 Error

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I recently purchased a Radeon 7000 graphic card.
The card that came installed on the PC is an internal Radeon XPRESS 200 graphic card.
At first the card was working fine, the new one. (Radeon 7000). But I formatted my computer, and now when I go to watch any type of movie/video, be it on the web, or a regular DVD, the graphics don't display. I hear audio, but the visual is black. This also causes the computer to freeze up causeing me to have to reboot.
Some people told me that I am missing some codec's. Well I downloaded a lot, and its still not working. So I have reformatted my computer, and haven't downloaded any specific codec files.

When I try to play a movie off of my Radeon XPRESS 200 with my Radeon 7000 unplugged, the movies play just fine, but when I plug in my 7000 and run my monitor(s) off of that one, the movies stall and refuse to display anything. Is there a driver update I am missing? I made sure I downloaded the lastest ones from the ATI website. I also ran DXDIAG and its showing no problems with any drivers. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.
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Post 3+ Months Ago

Have you tried disabling your old card under divice manager, there may be a jumper on your MB to disable your old card. Check your documentation that came with your computer it should tell you if there is a jumper or not. Would not think it would be a codec problem, the program you are using to watch the videos or DVD's should have what you need to watch. You can try checking out ATI website there may be a problem with the software or drivers that they have a patch out for and you can also check for updated drivers.

Good Luck.........

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