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Hey, I've spent the weekend at my friends house and just last night (not a clue what time it was) my friend accidentally knocked a cup of beer onto my laptop, I didn't physically see it but when I saw him drying my laptop I noticed the cup beside it and it smelled of beer. Anyways, I looked it up and it says I have a "HP ENVY dv6" with the Dre Beats Integrated Speakers and, although my laptop has started working since it's happened, my speakers haven't, and I'm wondering if the booze possibly getting in there means end-game for them... I can't live without music so this is horrible.

Also, when I plug my earphones into the laptop they don't pick up any sound either. When I just turn my computer on (and it logs onto my user account) it tells me no audio device is installed but when everything has loaded it tells me it's there. I've also checked inside the device manager and I've also done a system restore from now to may 29th, which was before I even left the house with my laptop and still nothing.

I also have no idea how to take laptops apart and to be honest I don't fancy risking it considering this costed £1000 when I bought it..

EDIT: I'm thinking it might have something to do with solely the sound chip but I'm also concerned that I would have to get it repaired completely and in that case I'm also considering how much it would cost.
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Yes, please remember it is electronics. When you spill anything into a laptop it is best to NEVER turn it on. In fact, remove the battery immediately. I know it is tempting, but you can fry circuts where the liquid is connecting something that shouldn't be connecting. Make sense? Remove the battery and have a tech take it apart and wash it with rubbing alcohol, or some circuit cleaner. Then--reassemble it!

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