Beer spilled in laptop, 80% of keys are working correctly

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I spiled beer into my HP Parvilion laptop keyboard a few days ago. Everything works as normal after a good cleaning and drying, except some keys when hit produce double characters. The following is what is happening:

When I hit this key: ---- I get these characters :

q ------------------- qz
w ------------------- wx
e ------------------- ec
r ------------------- rv
u ------------------- um
i ------------------ i,
o ------------------- o.
p ------------------- p\
z ------------------- qz
x ------------------- wx
c ------------------- ec
v ------------------- rv
m ------------------- um
, ------------------- i,
. ------------------- o.

Side Number Pad

7 -------------------- 7 (num lock) turns off
8 -------------------- 8/
9 -------------------- 9*
(num lock) ------------------- 7
* ------------------- 9*

I gone through the keyboard numerous times with Q-Tips and Windex and popped the keys off the ones producing double characters for a thorough ceaning, It didn't help. My next option is sending it in to HP for a $300 minimum fix unless someone can help.

Thanks, Matthew
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If yuo can find a replcement key board on ebay then i would recommend fixing it your self... this shoukd help>>> ... ckard.html
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thats a good lesson man, LOL. it reminds us that beers dont really mix with computing :D

Anyways, have you tried streaming hair blower into your keyboard? dampness may have short-circuited the keyboard.

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