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I had this happen a couple of times I would shut down
my laptop start turn off computer you know one
time it shut down but when I tried to turn it back on
I push the power button and hold the power lights came
on as long as I hold the button when I let go nothing
no boot. so I did some reading read that there might
be a problem with the bios said if I take out the the
battery unplug the power cord hold fn,b,q while
holding plug in the power cord hold the buttons for a
few seconds let go and then push and hold the power
button the power lights should go off and the bios
will complete the shut down. I did it and it worked
was told to upgrade bios and did was working fine for
months then it happened again after I did a reformat
went through the steps again and it worked again a few
days later it happened again now wont it doesnt do any
good took it to get repaired they said it was a bios
chip problem so they said they said they changed the
chip but didnt work funny thing they didnt charge me
the just took a 300.00 loss told me what always say
when they dont know how to repair I need a new
motherboard any ideas ?
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Thats a first ,no charge ,,One thing to always remember is ?
Ya got to tell the people that your explaining your proplem to
what your piece of hardware is ,depending on the laptop,I would
still try to flash the bios,unless you think one of those buttons you
have been holding down is damaged ?

Make :

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Post 3+ Months Ago

My Dad had a similar problem with his computer and he took it in and come to find out the ram was bad. you might also wanna check that

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