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Hello all. I recently got (2) 256 RDRAM chips for my Dell 8250, I installed them & everything seemed cool. BUT when i play a game on my computer now I either get a blue screen or the game closes & i get kicked to my desktop. Any ideas what might be happening here? None of this happened till i installed the new chips. Any help would be GREAT, thanks.
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When you get the Blue Screen (Blue Screen of Death, BSOD) can you post the Stop Error? usually looks like:

0x00000007e or something like that.. be 0x000000 <few 0's then a whole number or letter, and then possibly another letter. And also usually or sometimes it states something like a driver name or filename.. that information will be useful to track down the problem.

Since it could be the RAM, I would suggest MemoryTest.. you can download the ISO and burn that to CD, then boot from the CD, and run the test.. it's a pretty good way to test out your RAM and see if that is what is causing the problem.

If it finds a error.. (memory test) then take out 1 stick, and run the Test again.. if it finds a error then at least 1 stick is "bad".. if it doesn't find a error on the 1 stick of RAM then that one is good, so then test the other Stick.. if that shows up with the error then it's bad.. Then you can replace the "bad" stick.

Good luck.

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