Building a new computer, need advice on parts

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So I'm starting to plan out the hardware for a new gaming computer. Currently I'm running a Power Mac G5 Tower with dual 2ghz chip and 1.5 gb ram (my web design computer), an AMD athlon 2700+ with a geforce 5600, 512 MB ram, gigabyte mother board... this is my gaming computer, I know its kinda slow but its been getting me along fine cause I didn't want to upgrade since all the new graphics cards use the PCI x-press instead of the AGP and all the mobo has is an AGP so I finally decided that I need to start building a new one. Anyways, I was wondering if anyone had any sugestions on system components for the new comp. Curently I have not even picked out the case yet so... any sugestions?
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Expect AMD to release Core 2 Duo slayer in time for it to hit computer companies like Dell to have machines using them by Christmas rush.

Intel should have Quad-Core out by then as well (no idea on if they will even make it to production computers in time).

Both may be delayed until 1Q07.

2Q07 look for Quad-Core AMD chips. Late 4Q06/Ealry 1Q07 look for new ATi offerings from A/MD/Ti even in the midst of the SCO err I mean SGI lawsuit as SGI enters "We can't accept we are dead so we are turning into sue happy patent trolls" (Dejavue anyone?) status. I bet Intel has their grimy hands in this new fiasco somehow.

AMD M2's socket seems safe for upgrade path-forward when some of the newer techs emerge. Would wait to see if AMD has any new North/South bridge chipsets out by that time (they are claiming they will).

As for video, I'd still say nVidia because AMD's software engineers are just as incompetent as ATi's. The blind leading the blind in that front.

Memory: Low latency/High MHz DDR2 is out, but I don't overclock anymore so I just look for the lowest latency, highest quality matched memory to the processor.

Power Supply: Get a decent PSU with enough juice. PC Power and Cooling is the best of the best. Antec and Thermaltake take a close second. Just DON'T USE THE ANTECS YOU PURCHASE AT BEST BUY! They are not real antecs, they are Antec badged korean knockoffs.

SLI: meh, is all I can say right now. We are in a grey area as AMD/ATi's new civil union may bring a new front in the war on graphics. You may see dual and quad core graphics processors out with physics chips built on board. You may even see multi-core chips with the physics engine being one of the embedded cores!

DDR4 to be out soon for video cards, 3Q07 you should see products.

Intel to have DDR3 at some point, didn't look it up cause I just don't care. Read it in passing the other day.

That's all for now.

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