Building a web server from the ground up.

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With the extensive knowledge contained within the grey matter of the exceedingly intelligent members of Ozzu (shameless I know!) I am hoping that I may be the lucky recipient of some wonderful advice! I have been charged with the task of building a web server for my company. It will be hosting a private website that does not get all that many hits, only a couple hundred or thousand a month. It will have to host the site which is very simple and does not contain any pictures, just links and text for the most part as it is a professional medical site without the need to be flashy. No forums are needed nor utilized either. As it looks right now, the company will be purchasing MS server 2003 as the OS for this server. We do not need an expensive rack mounted blade server and I have managed to convince the powers that be that a regular desktop is most definitely not adequate for the job as well considering it will be up 24/7. I know I will need a fast processor but as for the rest I am a little lost. I have never had to build a server before so this is definitely going to be a learning experience. Are there any recommendations as to what kind of hardware, specs or anything else that can be thrown my way?
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Take a look here. Any one of these should suit you and you can customize them as necessary. If all this server is going to do is host a website then you won't need much.

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