Buying a new hard drive

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Hi how is everyone today. Long time no see, well i have been busy with work and my website. Anyways I would like an opnion from you guys and gals regarding an hard drive issue

1)for the past month or so my hard drive makes a weird clicking noise(this happens randomly once or twice a week or so) and right after that my computer hangs up/crashes and i have to reboot it. I am guessing my hard drive is dying out and the clicking noise is made when the hard disk spindle stops spinning and then tries to spin again thus crashing my windows XP. This is not a spyware/virus problem as i have installed a new copy of windows XP and scanned all of my drives with no virus or spyware to be found. So i want to know whats your opinion on this.

2)even if my hard drive is not dying i will still have to purchase a new better and bigger capacity hard drive. So i want to know what are the majoy/key points to consider before buying a new hard drive ? Is there a step to step guide out there which i can read and then decide which hard drive will suit my needs

My computer:
Windows XP, Service Pack 1
Intel Celeron, 1.1Ghtz (1100mthz)
128mb Ram
15gb HDD (Harddrive)
Asus Tusi-M Motherboard

Thx in advance
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The main points you have to consider are:

Size - How much space do you want?
Interface - IDE or SATA
Seek Time/Speed - Are you going to be running a lot of intense applications that will be accessing the drive constantly, or do you mostly run a few programs (web browser, mail, etc) and just pull open files? (Word documents, mp3s)

In all of the categories, the faster, larger, etc you want to go, the more it will cost.

I looked up your motherboard for you, and you only have IDE interfaces, no SATA, so thats one thing out of the way.

I have had great success with MDT hard drives, they are in all of my computers right now, even my laptop. They are cheap and quiet -
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I appreciate all the genuine help you have provided. Definately going to recommend these forums to everyone i know ;D

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