Can I use slower RAM in my computer?

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According to

Here are some common ones....

In theory, any system that uses SDRAM can use memory that is rated faster than the requirements of the motherboard, as well as memory of the correct speed. For example, an older Intel Celeron system would use a 66Mhz clock speed, and thus would require PC66 SDRAM, but could also make use of PC100 and PC133 SDRAM, which it would simply access at 66Mhz. Note that this is not necessarily possible in the real world, as voltages and other factors have changed since SDRAM was introduced, and it is a good idea to stick with the recommended memory, but it is possible.

But it doesn't say whether or not for example if i can use PC55 memory in that computer that has a PC66 standard. I ask because 2GB sticks of RAM don't, as far as I know, come in DDR400 timings which is the standard of my mobo. So can I user DDR333 RAM?
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yes, most mobos support two speeds backwards, so in your case it would be allright.
i would wait for further clarification from other people though
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Yes you can.

When a mobo manufacturer states the max speed of a module of RAM the mobo can take, that is the "theoretical" upper limit. This means your mobo can handle any speed or RAM up to 400Mhz [ I.E. PC3200, PC2700, PC2100 etc ]. Obviously this means if you buy slower spec RAM, you system will have to lower its overall speed so that the RAM can cope.

Your mobo should also be capable of taking RAM with higher clock speeds than PC3200 but the RAM will only work at PC3200 speeds. The reason most people put faster RAM in their mobo is for overclocking use so that their RAM does not act as a bottleneck in the system.

Hope that is of help.

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