cannot burn with pioneer 106d

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Hey, I have a pioneer 106d! And just bought xpress. I had a cd burner and a dvd drive in there before I baught the pioneer. I replaced my cd burner with the dvdburner. (isnt the pioneer 106d a cd burner too?) I tried to copy my first movie (cradle to the Grave) with the movie in the dvd drive and my blank media in the other. It copied ok, its just it was only the movie and not the features. I dont see anywhere in the settins for Xpress to copy the whole movie with the features. I replaced my dvd drive with y cd burner. Now I have my dvd burner and my cd burner in there. Now when I tried to copy LOTR Two towers, only this time once it finishes copying the movie to the Hard drive it should propmt me to insert the media, but never gets that far and gives me an error reading the sectors. I read other forums on this and it may just be the movie but, if anybody have any advice and maybe its the way I have my drives now, because I havent successfully burned a movie since I replaced my dvd drive with the cd burner. Oh yeah and my question about the burner being a cd burner too. I havent burned a cd yet. Help me somebody.

Here is my specs.
CPU: 850 Duron (yes I know)
512Mb ddr memory
120gb Hd (40g and a 80g)
PLextor 16x cd burner
Pioneer dv-r/rw-/+r/+rw106d
Samsung Dvd drive 16x read speed
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I really never have burnt DVDs, but you could try using the pioneer for both the reading and the writing tasks.

As for the set up of the drives, your current one (dvd burner, cd burner) is better then the other. I don't know if it can burn cd's but I would keep dvds to the dvd rom and cds to the cd rom.
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It could also be something in the right protection of the DVD, say that since Two Towers is a bigger movie than cradle 2 the grave, it might have right protection and cradle might not. I don't know if this is the case, let me know how it works out.

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