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i decided to update my old compaq persario 5005cl so i added RAM, and a new video card. I am now trying to change my processor (AMD athlon 1.1ghz) to a AMD Athlon 1700+ (1.47ghz)
but for some weird reason i am scared to death about changing it because it seems so confuzing or easy to mess up.
so does anyone have any advice or know a website that explains how to do this simply
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Will your motherbaord take a 1.47ghz? Can you go into your bios and take a look at what speed options you have. Your FSB should hopefully be 133. You may see speed options like:

1100 (100)
1100 (133)
1333 (133)
1400 (100)
1400 (133)

IMO the speed increase will not be very much and you could try overclocking it to 1.2ghz instead.

Now days you have FSB virtually doubled to 266, 300, 400. I would get a nforce 2 motherboard and a Althorn XP 2400, but you have to check that your RAM is compatible (must be DDR). You will then notice a huge performance it hard disk loading times and good improvement in games.

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