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I know my way around a CMOS screen, however I don't really know about the physical specs as if I were to manually set up the CPU settings for my computer. I have a P4 3.0 w/HT and 800FSB a Zalman CPU Fan Copper Core on a crappy Biostar MB (MicroATX) V8668-D with the latest Bios (firmware) Update.

Upon setting the specs like I would normally do and saving them and letting it boot I notice that it is only reading my CPU as a 1.5???

Can anyone give me some good advice on how to set up my BIOS settings so that it will read the full 3.0Ghz I have?

To let you know what I have tried....

I have set the CPU Frequency (which is now at 100Mhz) to 132Mhz which is the highest it goes. However to prevent from having to go through 31 more times of clearing the CMOS I thought I would give the Ozzu forum a try. I have set everything to Performance defaults and then changed the boot sequence and disabled the onboard Sound and Modem. I pretty much left everything else alone.

I hope someone knows what I can do.... I am really hoping for a new MB for christmas but not sure if it is feaseable. Please help.

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Hopefully someone here can get you the answer, but if you can't find or get it here, try this forum

Those guys are total geeks and can answer anything to do with hardware that I've ever seen.
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Hey thanks ATNO, that forum is a really good one. Will be visiting there more often. =)

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