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So, about 6 months ago, I bought a used case to upgrade my computer. It was one of those ones with a window and light in the side and it was only $30, including the PSU. I moved all my stuff over and it wouldn't boot up. No response at all. I decided the PSU must not work. I moved my PSU over as well, and it booted up just fine. Phew. Started booting into windows, then after about 30 seconds, it went pop, turned off, and wouldn't boot anymore.

Now, when I did this it was just a week and a half before I was leaving the country for half a year. I put everything back in my old case, still wasn't working. I tested the PSU and HDD in another computer, and they're both fine. So, it's either than mobo or the CPU that's out I'm thinking. I have no way to test either of them unless I buy something new. Anyone have an idea what I should do, check or buy?
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first off, if you're not getting any kind of response from turning the computer on, my guess would be the motherboard. even if you have a fried processor, you should be able to get some kind of message from the mobo.

do you have it hooked up to an internal speaker?
the POST system on the motherboard will actually give you beeps telling you what's wrong (with or without a processor installed)
you can check with the manufacturer of the motherboard to find out what BIOS was installed on that board and check out what the post beeps mean for that BIOS.

be sure to remove everything (memory, processor, video card, harddrive, disk drives...) from the system except the PSU and the mobo and the internal speaker... if you get beeps, start adding components one by one to see what happens

if you don't have an internal speaker, you can get one really easy. and hooking it up is just a matter of putting 1-2 cords in the right place. check with your motherboard manufacturer to find out where to hook up a speaker.

if you're not even getting any beeps, then i'd be 90% sure the motherboard is screwed up... and then you have a great opportunity to take advantage of all these wonderful products companies like abit are putting out...

hope this helps,
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If your original problem was power related, and you heard an audible pop, my guess would be that you blew up a capacitor. Check visually on the board for damage, specifically the capacitors around voltage regulators. I have had this happen once with a cheap PSU, and the motherboard was back in business after some careful soldering.

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