Computer fried 2 cards (I think)

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I gave my old computer to my father to use and it was in a basement, a while back he was using it and he got a bunch of artifacts and the computer crashed. I came downstairs to look at it and I got some more artifacts before even booting all the way into windows and I shut it down. It had an Nvidia card in it, I took the gfx card out of the computer and I tested it, and as I recall, it fried it.

To try to see if it was just the Nvidia graphics card that was messed up, I stupidly took another graphics card (an ATI gfx card) out of another computer and put it in. However, I think it fried that one too, because when I tried putting it back in the original computer it was busted, could of been damage from me moving it though (or all the build up from my brother smoking in his room because there was a ton under the heatsink). So I thought it was the power supply or motherboard, and it ended up sitting around until recently I purchased a power supply tester.

So I tested the power supply and all the green LEDs indicate it's fine. So I'm wondering... what the heck it is? I don't want to put another gfx card in there and have it go bye bye.
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Smoke kills electronic components over time. I would believe the MB is toast in your particular situation. MB's have a lot of surface area for tar and nicotine to aqquire and that creates shorts that fry components.

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