Computer just shuts itself off . . .

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I've been having problems with my computer now. Whenever I'm playing World of Warcraft (which is the only computer game I've been playing) my computer just randomly shuts itself off. I don't think it to be a power supply problem because there is no "Windows is shutting down" screen, it just turns off.

Here are my stats:

Dell Inspiron 5100
Windows XP Professional SP1
Intel Pentium 4 Processors
2.658 GHz
512 Ram
Radeon Mobility 7500 (updated with Omega Drivers)

I just got PC Wizard 2005 to check my CPU temperature, and it's running at 72 degrees Celcius, even when I have an external fan under it (which I got from Staples). This seems to be constant, so I don't know why it would suddenly crash my computer.

Any help is appreciated
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Was there a resent patch that game out from Blizzard that might be conflicting with something? and 72c is quite hot if im not mistaken.
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Wow... that temperature is mad high...

Intel chips are especially sensitive to high temps, but 72C would be asking for trouble even with an AMD chip...
see about getting some new heat transfer compound or maybe a new CPU fan 'cos, unless that's really Farenheit you're talking about, that processor's on the edge.

Games tend to run processors hotter than other applications and computers do tend to turn themselves off when the CPU is overheating, so that would be the #1 spot to check out.

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newer cpu's auto shut off when it reaches a certain temperature/also, some BIOS support it also., get some New fans, like 120 MM's instead of 80's,
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yap- the temperature of the CPU is too High ..
if not the is the GPU temperature .

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