Configuring Dual Core

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I was going to put this in the windows forum because my original question was; "Is there a way to configure a dual core processor so that the services in windows will run on one core and never on the other" and then just as I was finishing that thought another came into my mind which was "or can you set the daemons to run on a single core and not another if you run linux" which persuaded me to post this question in this forum and not one or the other or both. My real question of the two ultimately being can you configure the tasks that each core is designed to take care of between any OS or are you stuck letting the processor decide who (the cores) does what.
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What you are talking about is Processor Affinity. I know you can do it in Windows and a quick Google search shows it is possible in Linux. The only thing is, Processor Affinity, usually discusses two physical processors. But sense Dual Core is essentially 2 processors it should work. Check this link: ... ocess.mspx

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