Connecting 2 Computers to Internet With Switch

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Okay, so I have two computers that are pretty far apart from each other (on other side of apartment). Since there was no way to wire them together, I got a Belkin USB wireless adapter, which worked okay for a while, but now it keeps disconnecting all the time and any networks that show up are very weak connections.

So I got the idea to buy a separate router and modem for the other computer so that it would have a more stable connection. I also bought a Netgear switch so that each computer would have a separate IP address. I have everything hooked up according to directions, the only thing is that the computer won't connect at all, and it keeps messing up the other computer that's already connected to the internet (probably conflicting IP addresses). Has anyone has any experience with these switches and could possibly give me some advice?

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First of all, it's very easy to run a cat5 cable from one side of an apartment to another. You can run it along the baseboard using clips to keep it in place. I have run wires from one floor to another.

If you still don't want to do that, understand that it's the router that gives out the IP addresses, not the switch. Also, you still only need one modem and one router, since there is only one line entering the apartment. The switch is optional in your case.

All PCs must be on the same subnet. If you still want to use the switch, the setup should be:
Modem > router > switch (which is optional and not needed for 2 PCs) > PCs.
As long as everything is on the same subnet as the router, it doesn't matter if it's a wired connection or wireless. It should work.
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Technically DHCP hands out IP addresses.

Also, a switch may be necessary if the router doesn't have a built in switch.

One more also, wireless does have one other thing to consider a wired network doesn't have and that is WEP/WAP/WPA. If any of those are enabled you can run into connection issues if you don't configure everything correctly.
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Give the specs on the wireless router you are using... is it a router/switch? does it have LAN ports in the back of it? or are there just two network cable ports one for the moden in and one for the PC out?!?

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